Every DIYer's Best Friend... Spray Paint

I bought some cheap frames from the Dollar General store that not only were cheap but looked cheap. I wanted to do something with them and decided to paint them white and use them to display my baby girl's art work. I currently have them in one of our bathrooms... just a little something to liven up the space.

 What do you think?
FYI: my daughter is only 16 months old ... I think she produces lovely finger paintings. Plus, I melt everytime she brings one home. I just love it. ;)


Nashville area singer, actress, model and DIYer. I have a love for music and the arts. I'm also a bit of a math/computer geek. I've always thought of myself as being artistic and have grown to love interior decorating. ... I like to draw, paint, create unique things, give life to old things and learn more in the world of design. I also enjoy spending time with my family, playing sports, hanging out with friends, and working on my health and fitness.

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