Vanity Chair Makeover

Before and After
If you read my previous post on my diy vanity light you would know that I'm fixing up a vanity space for myself. I mean, I've spent so much time making sure my home is comfortable for my entire family (and not just for me), I figured it was time to have something girly for myself. Today, I want to talk about the chair I found at a local flea market. I paid $29 for it although I knew I wanted to change the way it looked.

Immediately after getting it home I took my carpet cleaner and cleaned the seat. I didn't want me or my family sneezing from the dust. After it dried, I detached the seat from the chair. I was just excited to get started because I didn't have my paint or my fabric just yet to accomplish anything with the chair.

The next day I went out looking at fabric. I found some, brought it home and changed my mind about it. It was beige and I new I wanted to paint my chair white... white and beige... what was I thinking. I needed color. So the next day I went back out and found some fabric on the clearance rack at Joann's and when I saw I immediately said to myself "THAT'S IT"... So yea, at $6 a yard, why not. I bought my foam too while I was there.

I took my chair outside and began to spray paint my chair. I used Rust-Oleum's Painter's Touch Paint + Primer in white and gave my chair a few coats until I was satisfied with the outcome.

I left it to dry while I worked on my seat cover. I turned over my seat and began pulling out the staples only to uncover a ridiculous amount of staples. Soooooo, I cut the fabric away instead of removing the staples.

Uuuuuummm... no thank you. On to plan B
A much easier task versus spending the rest of my day pulling out staples. After cutting away the old fabric, I tossed the old foam and used the wood seat as a template for cutting a new piece of foam.

I cut my foam with a knife which took a little bit of work. An electric knife or box cutter would've made it easier but I had neither so I made the best of it. After cutting my foam (slightly larger than my seat) I grabbed my fabric and stapler in order to begin stapling my fabric to my seat.

That's it! This is such a quick and easy project to do and I absolutely love the outcome!

I think I will create a new blog post about my vanity desk in its entirety because I really do love it.

My DIY Vanity Space


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