DIY TuTu ...Using Ribbon and Tulle!

It's my daughter's 3rd birthday and for her party I wanted to make her another tutu. I made a light pink tulle tutu for her first birthday and it's one of my more popular posts (thanks everybody). This time around I figured I'd try creating my tutu using supplies I already had... you know, ribbon you find on clearance that you buy with no need for it at the moment...yea, that stuff. I had a few rolls of varying colors that I could use. Mostly pinks and purples because I keep my girls in mind with my ribbon purchases.

I'll have to remember from here on out to check the clearance sections after Christmas. Last year I scored 2 large rolls of a pink and purple roll of ribbon for less than $1 each. Since more colors are being incorporated in Christmas decorations you can find pretty much any color you want. Anyhow, I used the same method that I used in creating the tutu from my previous post to create this one. Although, I did not include the ribbon on the waist band. For the lengths I made each piece of ribbon about 10 inches long and then folded them in half in order to loop them around my elastic. I laid out my ribbon and came up with a pattern for how I planned to apply my ribbon. I used the same light pink tulle in this tutu as well. It seemed to act as a can-can giving my tutu some nice fluff which I was loving. I put tulle in between every ribbon piece which helped achieve this look.

After a short amount of invested time I ended up with a wonderful product that my toddle just loved. She told me "mommy, I'm a princess"... she sure is.

I noticed you couldn't see the striped ribbon in the pics although you could see them in person. Weird.

I love the outcome of this tutu and she loved it too! There are SO many possibilities with tutus. My baby will be getting one for her first birthday too. I will start brainstorming on that. ;)


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