3rd Birthday Party Ideas

Okay, so the new year is here and in the back of my mind I'm thinking about what to do for my toddler's next birthday in April. She will be turning 3 years old. My how fast it got here. Seems like she was just born. Anyhow, like many of you I'm a Pinterest user and have been pinning all kinds of party ideas. In the past, we've had her birthday parties at home. This time around I'm thinking that we'll have her party at some type of location, which we need to figure out a little faster so that we can reserve the space. Places run out of good reservation times when it comes to spring birthday parties. Anyhow, here are some ideas I've come across for "Project 3rd birthday"...

Taping crepe paper streamers in some fashion outside of her door so when she wakes up she'll come out to a pleasant surprise. I'm thinking to do this but hanging them from the top of the door way. I found this idea at Secrets of a super mommy.

Another idea I pinned on pinterest...

Covering the floor with balloons while she's sleeping so she can wake to a nice surprise. This would be a cool idea since my toddler LOVES balloons. I don't think I would go as crazy as the photo simply because that's a lot of ballons to blow up but about 10 would be cute on the floor in front of her bed.

During my Pinterest browsing I've stumbled across SOOOO many ideas on party treats. There seems to be thousands out there which makes it more difficult for me because trying to decide on what to do becomes a major challenge. I always like to do something for the adults at my babies' birthday parties so when I saw this I thought, OMG this is a must do...

Ombre mini cakes by Glorious Treats. I may hold off on making these until my youngest daughter's first birthday. This is a 1st birthday party idea. Either way I'm LOVIN' these!

Another party treat idea found on pinterest...

Waffle cones filled with fruit. Love this idea especially for toddlers. I'm actually thinking of doing this but using waffle bowls instead.

Now, for my daughter's previous 2 birthday parties I've done cupcakes in jars which is an idea I absolutely love. It's so hard for me not to do those again because not only are they a great idea but they make easy clean up... there's pretty much zero clean up. People can choose to take them jars or leave them which means they just get thrown into the dishwasher.

Here's a tu-tu I saw on Pinterest (via etsy) that I think I could totally make myself...

I think this would a super cute part of her birthday party outfit. This idea is in the air right now so we'll have to see about this one.
Here 3rd birthday will be about incorporating some things I've done for her previous birthday parties and incorporating new ideas. Since there's a new addition to our family I won't have the free time I once knew so I'll have to be more creative this time around on time saving projects and ideas. I'll probably use her banner again and her poofs.

This will an evolving thing so only time will tell what I come up with. I have 4 months which should be plenty of time. I'm just hoping I don't procrastinate to long on putting my ideas into motion. Starting out with nailing down where the party will be so that I can reserve a space.


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  1. these are such great ideas!!! and i absolutely love the tut i wish i had that and a colorful headband or layered bow fo rmy little girl turning 3 in may! so cute


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