My Daughter's 2nd Birthday Party! ... Ideas Brought To Life

So with less time spent but just as much hard work, I put together my daughter's birthday party and had it at home. Here's the outcome of it all...

The sign that greeted guests as they arrived. I simply used paper I bought from Hobby Lobby that had the border already printed on it, found a font color that matched and printed what you see here above.

The lovely treat bags that I previously posted about.

Here's the banner that I made last year that made an appearance at this year's party. It's definitely something that will get some use. It reads: Nadia Webster, est. April 20, 2010. I just love the outcome of it except for one slip in the top that caused it to sag a little... still looks good to me though. :)

This flag banner is actually the same one I used at my daughter's first birthday party. I decided to split it into 3 separate parts and hang it in tiers. Everything was hung with monofilament and white thumb tacks into the ceiling.

Here are my cupcakes in a jar. I loved how they turned out. They were a huge success at her 1st birthday party so they had to make another appearance. They contained strawberry cake with cream cheese icing. Delicious!

Here's my diy paper flower that created. I wish I had taken pictures of my process but I pretty much made it up using other ideas of paper flower how-to's. I cut out a few petal shapes and heart shapes from tissue paper and began taping them around a stirrer/straw. I added the center last although it probably should've been done first. The center was a trial and error thing so it took a few tries before I got it to look right. It was glued into place.

The fruit display. The look of your display can change dramatically just by what your food is sitting on. I think my modern square plates bring in a little elegance. 

My baby's strawberry cupcake I made. It was larger than the cupcakes that are in the jars. She definitely enjoyed it!

The table along with the decorations above. The rest of my house was decorated although the bulk of it was in this corner.

A closeup of what was displayed on the food table. A paper flower I made, a picture of my now 2 year old, the large paper mache letter N that I previously made, her piggy bank for loose change ;) and a picture of her as a new born.

The food was great. My husband spent some time frying chicken wings which were delicious. :) I also made Rotel which is not pictured. I used little clear platic bowls to make for easy eating by pouring it over chips. In my beverage dispenser I made strawberry lemonade. Very good. Over all, the party was great and my baby girl had a blast!


Nashville area singer, actress, model and DIYer. I have a love for music and the arts. I'm also a bit of a math/computer geek. I've always thought of myself as being artistic and have grown to love interior decorating. ... I like to draw, paint, create unique things, give life to old things and learn more in the world of design. I also enjoy spending time with my family, playing sports, hanging out with friends, and working on my health and fitness.

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