Next Project: Twin Size Ruffle Duvet Cover

So after seeing Urban Outfitters' ruffle duvet cover some time ago I knew it was something I wanted for my toddler's bedding. If you can remember the silver leafing I did on the chest and nightstand for her room... I still haven't completed her room to what I want it to be. I've been on the net and have seen several DIY ruffle projects that have inspired me. Like this one from diydesign which has some fantastic instructions that I will probably use to make a twin size duvet for my daughter.

Isn't it beautiful!

Here's a diy set of curtain ruffle panels made with flat sheets by a boy, a girl and a pug.

Here's more diy ruffle curtains from a drop in the bucket.

This is definitely a doable project. With a 4 month old baby and a 2 and half year old I've gotta make some me time to work on this. To prepare, I've done something even cheaper than buying wal-mart sheets... I bought sheets from my neighborhood thrift store. They cost about $2 or $3 a piece. I've bought 2 King size flat sheets so far. I will use these for the ruffles. I think I'll go out and buy the sheets that will be the base for the duvet from Wal-Mart or some place equivalent. I'm still in the planning stages so I'll be back to post the outcome of my project. I'm telling myself... "Nina, remember to take pictures of your process." You know how it is when you get started on something and get in a zone. To be continued... ;)


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