New Chairs & Outdoor Curtains???

Okay, this summer I spent a little bit of time trying to figure out how to jazz up my front porch. I wanted a place me and my husband could sit and watch our daughter play. I went to World Market and found a pair of fabulous chairs at almost 70% off! Can you believe that. I almost had a heart attack when I saw it. The reason savings was so huge is because the manufacturer sent this particular set of furniture without sealing it with the oil that they use. I bought the oil and did it myself. I paid less than $100 for both chairs. The name of the chairs are Maldive Occasional Chairs. I wanted the bench too but had no place to put it... they were selling it for only $89! Aren't they gorgeous...

To help with the blinding and hot evening sun I wanted to add some outdoor curtains. I'm a person that's always looking for a deal and nice outdoor curtains were NOT in the budget so I opted for some regular inexpensive white sheers. You can find sheers for $8 and less. I saw some the other day at Big Lots for $5 a panel. I just hung them on little hooks. I think I may add another panel to bulk it up a bit.

I just love how the added sheers make my porch seem so inviting.

What do you think?


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