I have a sewing machine & I'm ready to use it.

Okay, I have a sewing machine that my grandmother gave me when I was in junior high. It was kinda old when she gave it to me so it's pretty old now. Although, just because it's old doesn't mean that it doesn't work. It's works like new and it's a darn good sewing machine. I learned how to use a sewing machine when I was about 12 or 13 years old. At that time I actually made a wrap skirt, a pair of shorts, and a complicated vest. Now, I've blown the dust off of it, it's oiled up and ready to be used. I'm pretty anxious about getting started on my headboard project so I need to check my needle pile to make I have the right one for the fabric I'm using. :)


Nashville area singer, actress, model and DIYer. I have a love for music and the arts. I'm also a bit of a math/computer geek. I've always thought of myself as being artistic and have grown to love interior decorating. ... I like to draw, paint, create unique things, give life to old things and learn more in the world of design. I also enjoy spending time with my family, playing sports, hanging out with friends, and working on my health and fitness.

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  1. Hi There, I hope you post your headboard project. My sewing machine is about 45 years old and I just love it. My friend uses a treadle machine and belongs to a club of treadlers. They make the most beautiful quilts using their old machines. Stop by my blog and say hello. Have a nice week. Sandi


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