Button Making using Burlap!

I've started on making my buttons for my button tufted headboard and let me say it's time consuming which I already knew. I just wanted to include how I did it for all you diy'ers out there. For my headboard and buttons I'm using burlap. I want my headboard to have a natural look to it and after viewing the burlap material I felt it was perfect. It's not the easiest to work with when it comes to making small buttons simply because of it's thickness and the edges having a tendancy to fray. It puts me in the mind of a grass welcome mat. I bought a 100 pack of buttons from http://www.coverbuttons.com/. I purchase button size #20 (1/2" diameter) along with the wire eye backing. I also got their assembly tool. So check them out if you're looking for supplies. They also have a great video tutorial on making buttongs. Anyhow here are the steps I took...

This is an example of the start and finish. The unfinished and finished top and bottom are next to each other. The burlap material is in the background.

Okay, you want to cut out a piece of your material that's about twice the area of your metal button piece. I freehanded it but most smaller button packages will have a diagram you can use.

The next step is to push the material down into the white tool (you will need a button kit to make your button) and the metal button piece should follow. You then tuck the excess material that hangs out into the center of the button. Cut off any excess.

Next you lay the back of the button on top and then the other tool that should come with your kit, place it on top. You will need a hammer or malet to hit the backing on if your working with a thich material like burlap. On the coverbuttons site they simply press the backing on which is kinda difficult to do when working with such a small button as this.

Now, you're done. All you have to do is pop the button out and move on to doing the next one.

Here's what the finished product looks like. My burlap covered button.

Here's a great video tutorial from www.coverbuttons.com.


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