Good Food Your Way... Qdoba, Hermitage, TN

Okay, if anyone knows me then you'll know that I absolutely love Qdoba. I've been eating there since 2003/2004 where I tried my first burrito in Philadelphia. I've been hooked ever since. Here in the Nashville area there 4 with the new addition of the Hermitage location. I first was a frequent visitor of the Nashville/Vandy location but it's always crowded because of the location. I still enjoyed the food because it's just that good. Once the Hendersonville location was built I had a new Qdoba home. Me and my family go there often and the staff know us so well they know exactly what we want without even asking. It's by far my top choice in place to grab a bite to eat.

Recently, a location opened in Hermitage. Me and my husband decided to go on the opening day and as expected... yep, the food was just as good. They had a full staff, understandably since it was opening day. I'm sure things will change after they set into the groove of things. It was funny because the cashier tried to charge me for chips when they are suppose to come with the naked burrito. I had to explain to her that I'm a long time Qdoba customer and this is something that I knew to be true... I've never paid for chips for as long as I've been ordering naked burritos over these past few years. I knew it was her first day so every customer can present a new learning experience. The staff there is pretty young... teenagers for the most part. Overall, we had a good experience. The best thing about Qdoba is definitely a pick what you want kind of place which I like. You're not stuck with having certain items on your burrito... you just walk down the line telling them exactly what you want. Very DIY although they do all the work and you reap the benefits of the end result. :)

Also, if you visit Qdoba be sure to grab a frequent buyer card and use it! After 10 entree purchases you get a free burrito. Tuesdays you earn double points. Me and my husband get free burritos all the time especially when we go on Tuesdays. It's definitely worth your time.


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