My Daughter's 4th Birthday Paint Party!

I spent a little time trying to figure out what to do for my daughter's 4th birthday party and thought about it... a paint party with a few of her friends from school. When this idea came to life it was a MAJOR success. I let my daughter choose 3 of her friends to have over for her paint party and she was so excited. What's funny is I gave her the choice of having a birthday party at home or at a place like Monkey Joes and surprisingly she chose home before even knowing what I would do. I'm glad we did!

Here's what I did... I got these invitations from Hobby Lobby and printed the party information on them using my color photo printer.

I bought a few supplies... packs of canvas from Hobby Lobby, paint brushes and a pack of small paint pots from Wal-Mart. I'm stumbled across these while looking for other items at Wal-Mart and am glad I did because you get a variety of paint colors for under $10...waaaay cheaper than buying paints from Hobby Lobby or another craft store.

While painting the girls wore t-shirts to keep their clothes clean. I found an adjustable height table from Sam's which worked perfectly for all 4 girls to paint on. The painting occurred outside of course and the weather was absolutely perfect. My rainy day plan was to open my garage and set up everything in their but thankfully, it was a beautiful day. I found some little cute metal pails in the $1 section of Target which worked perfectly for the paint brushes. I used the cheap clear plastic cups for the water they used to clean their brushes.

Masterpiece in progress!!!

Letting the artwork dry
Now for everything else... A friend from my home town made the cutest tutu for my daughter. It was very full and absolutely gorgeous.

She LOVED her tutu!
I found the cutest sun shaped baking cups and made strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing. They were delicious.

A punch made up of Hawaiian Punch and lemonade with frozen lemon and orange slices added to keep it cold and not water it down the way ice would. All in all, the food and dessert were great!

Mixed fruit! Yum!
I found it best not to bog down little ones with a bunch of planned activities so after they painted I let them play in my daughter's room. They played dress up, watch Disney Junior and had SO MUCH FUN! In the end, her party was a major success.

Food and little Disney Junior
Best Friends :)

My daughter's finished masterpiece! :)

CONCLUSION: A birthday party that my daughter enjoyed with friends and it didn't cost me that much money. The time invested was worth it. :)


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