Brainstorm: My Next Headboard Project

Okay everyone, I have several items I would love to tackle although my lack of time and energy hinder me from doing them in a timely manner. One project I'm determine to do is to create a queen size winged back headboard for my master bedroom. I already got my feet wet completing my first diamond tufted headboard. I plan to tuft this headboard as well. I made the first step and purchased my fabric.

Robert Allen Linen Slub in Greystone

It was on sale at Joann's for $12.49 a yard, so I couldn't pass it up. I actually ordered it online and was able to get free shipping which meant no driving around to pick up all 7 yards that I ordered. (I know, 7 yards is a lot) My next step will be to begin making my buttons. I still need to purchase my other supplies which will happen sooner or later, I'm hoping. I'm currently debating on my bed frame... whether to make it myself, have someone else make it or purchase it. sigh... I have yet to make up my mind on this. I kinda want to make sure my frame has been established and in place so that my headboard measurements are accurate.

After reading many blogs and having my prior headboard making experience, I'm confident enough in myself to know that I can pull this off. This time I will space out my buttons a little more. It took me forever and a day to tuft my last headboard simply because it had about 50 buttons. I couldn't do them all in one day because the tufting made my fingers tired. I could've saved my fingers if I had cut holes into my foam. Lesson learned.

Here are some photos that have inspired the look that I'm going for.

"Brea" Bed by Vanguard at Horchow

A couple of pinterest finds...

So it will be some time before I can actually complete this project although having 2 little ones has stopped me from placing timelines on myself. Instead, I work on things when I can and finish when I finish with no pressure. I'm kinda excite about the idea. :)


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