I Need A Modern Shed/Cabin Workspace!

One day I was thinking I could use a shed not just for storage but as a place to do my projects. So in my mind I'm thinking of the regular ones you see at Home Depot like this one...

As I searched the web I saw a plethora of possibilities which made me want one even more. Take a look at what I found...

My dream would be to have one where the entire front was a garage door like this one minus the massive height.

That way I could raise the entire wall for ease of getting things in and out without comprimising any light. AND it would need to be mobile. I would use solar panels to power it up too. Free electricity! Don't you just love this idea?! Some of the prefab modern sheds are crazy expensive... I mean like $30k expensive which is ridiculous for a couple hundred square feet. There are all kinds of diy kits out there but to get them shipped in addition to the cost of the kit is kinda expensive too (~ $10k-15k). So maybe this is one of those things I'll have to dream about. I was thinking that maybe I could get a regular shed or even a small mobile home and transform it into what I want. I don't know... this is just the beginnings of my thought process on this so who knows what the future may hold.

Sorry I don't have the direct links for the sheds above but I do have some of the websites I searched...

Happy browsing!!!


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  1. Great post - gave my husband something to dream about and imagine the possibilities.

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