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Okay, at home me and my husband have the continuing delemna of over flowing mail that we can seem to get rid of. It seems like we get more mail than we can go through at one time. I was getting tired of it piling up on our dining room table. So, after cleaning off the table I thought to make a little mail box to help remedy the situation. It may not solve the problem but I think it will help with some of the clutter. I used to make these mailboxes for my mom quite often when I was a kid. Best of all, she used them so why not make one for myself?

Pretty useful if I may say so. Now, I'll tell you what I did. This is a very easy project that anyone can do. Like I said before... I made these when I was a kid. I think I got the idea from the Highlight magazines I used to get. Anyhow, I started with a cereal box and cut the top off and then diagonally down the sides to the point where I plan to cut straight across.

You'll want to mark first where you plan to cut. I've done this so much that find a straight edge and draw across the front and then free hand my lines on the sides from the top corner down to the line. I then cut. Next step is to glue the paper to the box. I used 2 12x12 sheets of paper I found on sale at Hobby Lobby. I used regular Elmer's school glue but you may opt to use Mod Podge.

I wrapped my paper across the front and then made "gift wrap" type folds on the sides. The next sheet was glued to the back and wrapped over onto the sides. I then cut away the excess.

Next...deciding how to hang it. RIBBON of course. So, I used my crop-a-dile to punch wholes and attached eyelets. I first figured out where to place my wholes...

My box was 7.5" across so I punch my wholes 2" in from the sides.

After the eyelets are attached, I attached some ribbon that I already had.

I wanted to add something to the front so I found a brown envelope and used my decorative punch to punch out this classy shape. I then hand wrote "Mail" on the front and glued it to the front of my mailbox.

Now it's hanging with our "Keys" ...
Easy to do, useful and inepensive... a project you can do in less than an hour. I like it! What do you think?


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  1. Great idea! I could definitely use something for holding my mail too - it's always piling up all over the place! hehe.

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