I've Finished My Headboard

Yes, I finished my headboard long ago but have been too lazy to update my blog. It turned out pretty well. I still have to take photos of it and post them here. Here are some while I was working on it...

After I put the frame together, added my batting, fabric, etc... it was time to start button tufting. This takes the longest depending on the number of buttons and the spacing. I first spent time measuring out the distance between each button marking the back of my board. Drawing vertical and horizontal lines work the best. Next after marking my holes I began to drill. Most people do this before adding the batting and stuff but hey, I did it my own way. Works either way. I used 2 long upholstery needles. One to feed the thread through and the other to stick through next to my threaded needle just to mark wear the hole is. It's hard to find when you try to go back through the fabric to come back out the back of the headboard. I first tied the thread through a button before going into the back of the headboard.

From there I took the needle through the eye of the button on the front (my handmade fabric covered buttons) and back into the headboard and out on the other side. To secure the button in place I pulled the thread tight while pushing the button in on the other side. This can get tiring. I then secure it in place by stapling the thread down and then wrapping it around my button on the back and stapling the thread some more for added security.

You do this over and over again until you're done. Start in the middle and work your way out.


Here are some tufting patterns I found on the web that you may find useful...

I used the middle one. The bottom pattern is for headboards that have an arc shape at the top. They biggest key to keep in mind are your measurements. You'll want equal spacing from left to right and from top to bottom between your buttons in order for it to look right. This was my first tufting project (and my first headboard project) and I think I did pretty good for my first time. If you are thinking of doing your own I say go for it! It's so rewarding when you come out with something you made with you own hands. Happy tufting! :)


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  1. Looks great! I'd love to see more photos of the finished headboard. :O)

  2. You're right. I need to post new photos of my headboard.


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